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Reflect, And You Shall Find



V.I.M.R is a three-part model of refining and scaling down a person’s life and mind. This cognitive approach was created to find, plan and implement a creative ideas or concepts into a practical life action plan for individuals.


The user of V.I.M.R can produce student, employee, business or client innovation, creativity, and critical thinking of one’s own ideas and concepts to capitalise on, plus a practical action plan to implement those ideas. 


The main textbook also includes a printable version for students to fill out practically. 

Reflect, And You Shall Find

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  • For a limited time when you purchase the Ebook you receive a free hardcopy of the Reflect and you shall find text book.

    Contains -


    1. Reflect, And you shall find - Ebook

    2. Reflect, And You Shall Find - Hardcopy


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