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Australian millennial entrepreneurs

Ahh the times we live in, whether it be politics, the economy or just society in general. Australian youth are feeling stressed financially and mentally, but little does the general public or government know that Australian millenials are making a come back in a big way. They are finally learning and understanding the capitalist system they live under and how it functions. Australian youth are now liberating themselves from the encroachment of mediocre jobs and lifestyle choices to create and plan their own success.

Modern society with the cost of living and unsustainable house price growth in Australia is now pushing more and more youth into entrepreneurship, not because of some trend or fad, but out of necessity. With mass casualisation of the workforce, globalisation, technology, lack of work (underemployment) and wage stagnation this is just a natural response to a negative economic situation. Compounded with diminishing worker rights/union power and deterioration of collective bargaining, this may be creating the work culture that has been described as the "gig economy' and youth entrepreneurship/start up culture in Australia. Young people can now work from anywhere in the world with fast paced internet. With houses so expensive and overvalued there are now thousands of young Australian's forfeiting home ownership and using these same house deposits to start businesses. Instead of media and news concentrating on people creating wealth through investment properties they should be concentrating on the young entrepreneur that works hard to create a business from nothing and now employs 30 people, this is true success for the country and these are the individuals young people should look up to.

As someone living in Western Australia, being 25 yrs old, I have seen first hand this start up culture emerge. WA has now been in recession for at least 4 -5 years, as much as the McGowan government would like to say otherwise. But out of this negative growth economy young Australian entrepreneurs are starting more businesses and creating more jobs than any other generation. These driven millenials want to make money on their own terms and be self reliant and independent citizens through grit and hard work. From the dire strates of the WA recession this has kick started entrepreneurship in Perth on a scale never seen before. This is now spreading around the country, especially in the Eastern states where home ownership is unrealistic and being in debt to the extent of hundreds of thousands of dollars is irrational and only benefits a bank, developers, or being a wage slave to a job, whether it be 9-5 white collar or blue collar. Young people now see financial independence through stock market investing or businesses as a priority and final way to grow wealth and be financially independent before being lobbed with a 30 yr mortgage with low job security.

It is important for young people to find their passion and pursue it. Self reliance and self determination of the individual are still the main virtues and key components of capitalism. The Americans understand this concept fully, resulting in one of the most successful, wealthiest economies in history but also resulting in a massive disparity between rich and poor due to complacency from a less educated middle class forgetting this concept. It is up to the individual to pursue their own interests and learn about how capitalism works but still look after the community or country as a whole that has provided these opportunities for them, in turn producing a better quality of life for all. Australia is still a country where hard work can lift whole communities and citizens out of poverty in one generation. It may be harder with low wage growth and globalisation etc. But we have to work smarter not harder.

As a young conservative I would call myself one of only a few in my generation, I believe in a smaller more efficient government. This political concept would be a main sticking point in re-balancing the public service sector and private sector investment in Australia. With an increasing public service population we are becoming top heavy. This is slowly tearing the life and joy out of start up culture in Australia. I stand with the private sector as a conservative when I say "let the market rule" this means let true capitalism flow without government red tape, no subsidising of inefficient, stagnating industries or businesses and not letting the government become a business in itself. We need 'less state, more civil liberties' for the citizen to invest and work for their own self interests. With more red tape this stifles innovation, entrepreneurship, patents/inventions, job creation, wealth creation. If Australia is to reduce unemployment the only solution is the private sector, based on free market entrepreneurship and young people starting businesses and employing other Australians in the process.

We have smart educated young Australians aged 18 - 25 ready to take on the task of creating the future work, jobs and businesses this country needs. We give every person the right to be described as divine, conscious beings, to express new thoughts and for those thoughts to be debated in order to find the truth of the matter. This is a western ideal, we should support the smartest young Australian intellectuals to start businesses and help them get their ideas from their mind, into the world.

As a young person you owe yourself the dignity of a fulfilling life and career, we now live in a very competitive country based on merit, intellectual thought, critical thinking, creativity, knowledge, education and goals. We need the youth of today to create, to build, to dream, this is the future for Australian prosperity. Young Australians need to be job CREATORS not job SEEKERS.

As a young Australian I believe the free market and capitalism works best for wealth creation of the individual, but only when it is run with transparency and truly, not when it is manipulated for corporate interests and business monopolies, this is anti democratic at its best. Luckily this is also starting to change in Australian society, these stagnant companies will become irrelevant with the rise of young, determined Australian business people ready to compete and liberate the business community from mediocre, traditionalist mind sets that still prevail to this day. We will be covering topics and discussion on start up culture in Australia, Mind innovation college will be talking about different career paths, alternative ways of success and important social issues affecting young Australian's in up coming blogs.

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