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The spiritual concept of success. 'WHO YOU ARE'


We look at our surroundings, we think, we wonder, we start to realise our society and life has had a major impact from what has been created by the generations of men and women before us. These people conceived these projects, tangible objects, culture, intellectual wisdom and education from their own mind. These people weren't any more intelligent than normal human beings. But what they did have is the mind creativity and visionary skills to conceive these products within their mind first, then take targeted action to create tangible or intangible products. There are crucial steps, personality traits and values that successful people have. What we look at in this blog is knowing ‘who you are’ as a person. This process involves scaling your thoughts, looking for cognitive patterns, refining your thoughts and writing down a visual idea.

Starting the process of life innovation, and financial success.

Mind analysis -

When you examine your own mind you will begin to see signs that you have organised your life around your belief systems, your education and your personal network of people that surround you. The material possessions you have at this very present moment have at one point been conceived and created from your own mind. The way you see your world and society is totally created within your own mind, if you are unhappy with your surroundings this can be changed by first refining your own thinking patterns that have been created from the society we live in.

Spiritual creativity -

We can now use mind based techniques and cognitive processes to enhance our own life and change our own surroundings or circumstances from working on MIND INNOVATION. Be creative but be patient in this self actualisation process. You will begin to see the truth (or the lies) about how we live and how your own ego controls your life. This awakening is a stripping away of our own ego down to the bare person and mind. This is the start of realising who you are.

People may like to think that success is just about numbers, financial projections, revenue, profit etc ..... But for young people to succeed you first need to realise who you are as a person, you must find yourself again in order to succeed. Then build your life around your TRUE SELF. The money will then come, your mind will then push you into the circumstances, positive people, events, guidance and mentoring. You will have changed your mind to how a person with a "purpose" thinks. This is the first step to inventing, investing, wealth, entrepreneurship, and successful careers etc, This is the spiritual concept of success for Australian Youth.

Self determination and self actualisation is so important for young people, but first you must drop the ego, possessions and materials things, find who you are, and create wealth from your true self. This will help you become more mentally stable and more financially independent because you will be working to your passion and become so much more fulfilled and liberated in the process.

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