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The non-conformist

Conformity - Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to group norms. Norms are implicit, specific rules, shared by a group of individuals, that guide their interactions with others.

Individualism - Individualism is a moral, political or social outlook that stresses human independence and the importance of individual self-reliance and liberty.

When people conform to social rules or practises this essentially strips away your individuality and uniqueness as a person.

Boundaries set within modern society artificially block you from thinking for yourself. You start to have ‘herd’ mentality or thinking as part of a group instead of creative individuals. This mentality results in young people conforming to rules, behaviours and circumstances that have not originated from themselves, these man made social rules have been created by their friends, family or society in general and continue to be followed throughout the generations, even if they are wrong because they have become 'normalised'. This lack of individuality causes debt problems, mental health problems and loss of identity for young people. This programming has been taught in the school system also, this results in young people that are taught to be employees not employers or job creators that have the ability to critically think for themselves in all aspects of life. Every invention or innovation on earth was created and found from an intrapersonal approach of free minded, free thinking individuals. It is only modern society that now uses these inventions, goods and services as part of groups or ideologies.

There are ways to deprogram yourself from social conformity to boost creativity, critical thinking and create happiness from a liberated, independent mind state. The first is to forget about the actual concept of money if you are in the stages of choosing a career or job path, this helps find your true passion because this action takes the temptation of a purely money based decision to a career path out of the situation. You are making a career decision based on your own individual personality, resources and individual abilities. A wrong decision in this moment can set you up for non fulfilling, monotonous, depressing work and a life routine that you have no connection to. Work will take up a majority of your time and life. People also take the herd conformist mentality of looking for happiness through material possessions. When people conform to consumerism of the external world for happiness they will never find it, true happiness comes from within, it also comes from being in the present and keeping control of your thoughts to be content with right now. When you think within the present you forget the past, you forget about the future, your mind becomes clear and content with what you already have.

Young people are constantly trapped in their own thoughts, you can talk to someone and automatically see that their mind has wandered off mid conversation, this is what causes social anxiety and hollow conversations and interactions in modern society. If you cant keep your mind focused on the person you are talking to this builds no connection and you are wasting your time and the other persons. These conversations will just be another artificial conversation with a work colleague or member of the public. This mind wandering or internal chit chat stems from conforming to social media and television putting thoughts and ideas in peoples minds, which result in people not thinking clearly for themselves and having brain fog through out the day.

The modern system has people so mentally drained after a days work that they only have enough energy to make dinner and watch TV, they have totally spent their mind energy through out the day overthinking, conversating with themselves internally, compounded with work stresses your mind is non stop through out the day. When people rationalise and reflect on thoughts and decisions they realise most things they do in life are due to subconscious conformity to 'please' their peers or network of people and live to fake social expectations. Break free from conformity and form your own opinions, beliefs and internal guide as an individual free thinker.

You can work on conformity problems and learn cognitive mind based techniques to create critical thinking with the use of (cognitive behavioural therapy) and an intrapersonal based career consulting process used by therapist and career consultant Jordan Day at Mind Innovation College.

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